Support our Members and the CRE Industry 

The Regional Committees shall be responsible for promoting CoreNet in their respective region, coordinating opportunities to fulfill the promise of CoreNet’s vision to connect Members, and working with other Board members to facilitate events and campaigns in their respective region.


  • Deliver on CoreNet’s vision of “connecting” professionals, both Members and prospective Members, by planning and hosting events such as networking, panels, tours, socials events, and volunteer opportunities. Host one event per quarter, or in alignment with overall sponsorship plan and commitments.
  • Coordinate event logistics with Chapter Administrator for the planning, promotion, contracting, sponsorship, budgeting, and managing of the event.
  • Communicate the value of Membership at events.
  • Develop and maintain a resource list of event venues and associated fees, capacity, point persons, etc., that is shared with Chapter Administrator.
  • Coordinate with the Membership Committee to identify Membership candidates as part of our efforts to grow the region.
  • Work with Sponsorship Committee and Chapter Administrator in ensuring sponsors have advanced awareness of events and are recognized.
  • Work with Ambassador Committee in welcoming, recognizing, and actively engaging Members in their region.
  • Coordinate with Education Committee in planning and coordinating events in their region. Assist in marketing events.
  • Obtain sponsorship funding of all events. Assist Chapter Administrator with sponsorship collections.

Committee Leadership:

Los Angeles Director 

Julie Stupp 

Orange County Director 

Anya Ostry

San Diego Director 

Nathalie Hansen