Become a Sponsor

The CoreNet Global Southern California Board of Directors strives to create mutually rewarding relationships with our members, whether an End User or Service Provider. We invite you to become more active and help plan and present programs to our membership and enrich the content of our programs.

Our key sponsorship strategy is the annual sponsorship program. This provides increased stability and benefits for contributing members and a predictable annual revenue source for the Chapter. We offer several levels of sponsorship to accommodate the diversity of our membership. Please see the link to the Season Pass for details and for a list of our 2018 sponsors.

The Board took great care to ensure the packages at the Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze levels helped your company get true value for your support. We have included tickets to events, golf foursomes, REmmy event table and RECOGNITION at all of our events, as well as a value proposition that your company will:

• Reach over 370 members and more than 2,300 non-members in Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire and San Diego.

• Be seen on more than 75 electronic event invitations.

• Be seen on the Southern California Chapter website: over 15,000 page views in 20145

• Achieve visibility at our events: more than 18 Chapter networking and education programs, plus the Annual Golf Tournament and REmmy Awards & Gala in 2015.

• Meet your peers and targets: Our program attracted more than 1,500 attendees in 2016.

• Gain exposure with a varied mix of members: 35% End Users, 6% Economic Developers and 58% Service Providers.

I am available at any time to discuss your sponsorship experience or for any concerns you may have. Again, our most sincere thank you for your support!

Please review our CoreNet_Sponsorship_Packet_FINAL.pdf for additional detail and you may contact Kathleen Neary, Vice President Sponsorship
or to discuss which option is best for your firm.