Message from the Chair and President

Message from the President & Chair

Dear Members,

At the start of our tenure as your Chapter leaders, we set three primary objectives: to ensure value to our members and sponsors, to improve transparency of operations, and to increase member engagement. Earlier this year, you voted to approve the revised and amended Chapter Bylaws. The new Bylaws were incorporated into a comprehensive Governance and Operations Manual adopted at the September 10th meeting of the Board of Directors. Together, these efforts will position the Chapter for long term growth and success.

As we move forward under the new structure defined in the Bylaws, we have exciting news to share! The newly created Vice President position was declared vacant, and in accordance with the Bylaws, a nomination was put forward and voted on at the October 1st meeting of the Board of Directors. Todd Anderson was unanimously elected Vice President, effective immediately. Todd will serve in this role until the end of the current term, March 31, 2020. Then, in accordance with the Chapter Bylaws, Todd will auto-succeed into the role of President on April 1, 2020 and serve a term of one year. Please help us welcome Todd to the Board! Given his deep experience with CoreNet Global, as a member, top ranking faculty, and past Chapter leader, he will continue to progress the vision and mission of our Chapter.

On that note, we are also excited to share a new Chapter vision and mission that was formally adopted in our October 1st meeting of the Board of Directors:

          Vision: Companies and individuals believe the Southern California Chapter is indispensable to the successful practice of corporate real estate (CRE).

          Mission: We are the premier network of professionals who serve, educate, and celebrate corporate real estate in Southern California.

As we look to grow the organization to best serve the needs of its members now and into the future, the Board is also undertaking an important process to define a strategic plan for our Chapter. In addition to member feedback, we are looking at membership statistics and member demographics, as well as CoreNet Global’s strategic plan and Future Forward 2025 study. If you are interested in participating, please contact one of us.


Alex & Nina

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Alex M. Perry
  Nina Desrocher